two pharmacists looking and smiling

About Gold’s Pharmacy

At Gold’s Pharmacy, we offer a unique level of customer service and patient care, something not found at many of the big chain pharmacies. We take the time to get to know our patients and to establish a level of trust and understanding.

Our Team

Evan Lessa, CEO

Evan Lessa obtained his Bachelors Degree in Biology from the Pennsylvania State University and also obtained his PharmD from Temple University School of Pharmacy. Evan is currently the Pharmacist in Charge and CEO of Gold’s Pharmacy. He completed his internship training at Abington Memorial Hospital and has an important role in daily operations.

Nina Nebeskaya, Pharmacist

Nina Nebeskaya obtained her PharmD from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia and graduated cum laude. Nina currently works at Gold’s Pharmacy as a staff pharmacist and also currently works at St. Mary’s Hospital as a clinical pharmacist. She has over a decade of experience in retail pharmacy and plays an integral role in the clinical services that we provide for our patients.